For whom is the Day of the Seafarer?

We don’t know how many of our readers have noticed. People say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ or ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ but not ‘Happy Day of the Seafarer’. And yet, the 25th of June is supposed to be a day for showing our love for the men and women who toil at sea – just as we would express the same feeling to those close and dear to us. This day belongs to seafarers, not to IMO or those who declare support for its promotional campaign. It’s a day for greeting seafarers and wishing them happiness and success, not a day for mouthing slogans. ~Barista Uno


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  1. Johnny

    The Day of of the Seafarer… is it really for the seafarers? For what? Cause for celebration? Really for seafarers?? Would there be a day off? A special dish, a note from the employers? Or least to ask a dollar more?

    I remembered once when a Crewing Superintendent emailed a Ship Master and informed him to muster the crews together and read out the IMO Seafarers’ Day message after lunch. The reply from the Master was , “Is there anything extraordinary for the crew to note? If not, the best we can provide them is some quality time for them to rest. The message can remain in the noticeboard.”

    Well said Master….

    • Barista Uno

      Good points, Johnny. And a great anecdote to think over.

      I can’t get one other question out of my head. Why ‘Day of the Seafarer’ and not simply ‘Seafarer’s Day’? We say ‘Father’s Day’ and not ”Day of the Father’.

      Happy Seafarer’s Day!

  2. Capt. Ardeshir Yousefi

    Whatever they want to name it, it is not going to change anything for the seafarers.

    No organization really cares about them. They just use this day to have another party on their behalf.

    We will have to think of something different to belong to them. Something that will ‘HOME’ them. They really deserve something fresh and ‘Seamanly’. Too much time is being wasted and their situation is going from bad to worse.

    Happy Seaman’s Day.

    Capt. Ardeshir Yousefi
    ASTA Marine Services

  3. Capt Alex Tamonan

    It’s a start for people who care for the seafarers to build on.

    Why not make something of the ‘scraps’ they throw at us? This blog is a good ‘lift off’ point…

    Happy Seafarers ( Empowerment) Day!

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