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The maritime blogger as industry critic

The maritime establishment — the groups that exercise power and influence over industry policy and opinion — is not only as resistant to change as the rock in Ivan Aivazovsky‘s 1885 painting ‘Rocky Island’ (pictured above). It is also often regarded as sacrosanct. As a result, any criticism of the system is likely to draw disdain and anger from those […]

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Lessons from 7 years of blogging

Marine Café Blog silently marked its seventh anniversary last 25th of August whilst I was on extended leave from my normal activities. Seven years is not a long span, but it has taught me a few lessons. The first is that some maritime institutions are considered sacrosanct, and woe to the writer who dares question them. Total Share: 1100000

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The maritime press: 7 deadly sins

We quit maritime journalism in 2009 to focus on blogging. No regrets. During our long stint as a shipping, ports and energy journalist, we got to know some editors and reporters who were thoroughly professional. A few could be considered brilliant. Yet, certain things dampened our pride in the profession – certain traits and practices which, unfortunately, we still observe […]

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