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Maritime training videos are underrated

I find it interesting that instructional videos are rarely, if ever, used in maritime schools and training centres in the Philippines, the world’s top crew-supplying nation. When I first explored the world of coffee, I learned plenty by watching films about how coffee is harvested and roasted, the proper way to store coffee beans and the different methods of brewing. […]

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A cat’s view of Christmas and things maritime

It’s been more than seven months since our last interview with Frankie the Philosopher Cat. What better time to chat with him again than at Christmastime in Manila? ‘Tis the season to be jolly – a time for brushing aside the problems which bedevil the maritime industry and make some folks age faster than they can make money. Total Share: […]

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Anger and despair over officer training

We wonder if any ship officer who’s still sailing has gladly welcomed the ever-increasing training requirements introduced in the name of maritime safety. Certainly not Jill Friedman of Houston, Texas. A holder of unlimited master, 1600/3000 master and DPO unlimited licences, Captain Friedman recently kvetched over having to re-take the Basic Safety Training (BST) course in her feisty and engaging […]

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MCA nod on Videotel security training

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has given its nod to Videotel‘s new suite of security training courses. Coming as it does from the MCA headed by the illustrious Sir Alan Massey, the approval is significant. It reminds us of the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’ of the popular Hearst magazine. It’s also quite timely: from 1st January 2014, […]

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Man Overboard! – Saving Life at Sea

The topic of the training film ‘Man Overboard!’ released recently by US-based Maritime Training Services sounds simple enough: what to do when a man falls into the water. Yet this superbly made instructional video fills a gap in seafarer training. Produced in cooperation with the US Coast Guard and several other organisations, including the IDESS Subic training centre in the […]

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