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Labour Day tribute to housewives, not mariners

Today, the 1st of May, is Labour Day in many countries. I thought I would pay tribute to housewives instead of seamen and seawomen. Housewives are not considered part of the working class since they do not receive wages. The tools of their ‘trade’ (see ‘Household Utensils‘ above by the 18th-century Italian artist, Giovanni Battista Piranesi) are not as sophisticated […]

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Hats off to women as ship captains

Why can’t some men accept the fact that women can navigate and command ships as well as they do? One male chauvinist commented on LinkedIn that he would not take orders from a female ship officer. His witless reasoning: a woman’s voice doesn’t sound authoritative. Whereupon a young American second officer, a woman, replied: ‘Just the other day I anchored […]

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Special tribute to women on Labour Day

Today, Labour Day (International Workers’ Day), we’d like to pay special tribute to all the working women around the world. Farm hands and factory workers. Seafarers and office employees. And yes, mothers and housewives – they who work at home without getting paid for their labours. The following painting by Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh reminds us of women’s […]

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