It has been my custom to publish a list of maritime wishes for the New Year. The following are 10 such wishes I had made in previous years. All remain unfulfilled. They lie like dead seashells on the shore, which hardly surprises me. Old habits die hard, as the saying goes, and many in the maritime world are creatures of habit. Be that as it may, I still believe in dreams and wishes. A happy and peaceful 2021 to all of Marine Café Blog’s readers and supporters.

A STOP to the wellness training nonsense

AN END to the use of maritime cadets as unpaid office and domestic workers by manning agences and seafarer unions

LESS SLOGANEERING on seafarers’ rights; more forceful implementation of ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

STRONG PUNITIVE ACTION against rogue shipowners

A SERIOUS effort by IMO and the international maritime community to simplify training regimes and ease the financial burden of training on seamen

PROPER VETTING of manning agencies by their foreign principals

A REJECTION by the maritime press of cut-and-paste journalism; more original content and interpretative news writing

AN END to the practice of some maritime media organisations of giving out awards

MORE YOUNG people entering the merchant marine profession because they love the sea and the nautical life, not just the money

AN INTERNATIONAL museum of maritime art and culture that would be as large, or nearly as large, as the Louvre in France and the State Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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