To be a seafarer is no joke. It’s a hard life, and there are many things that make it even more so (see my article, ’35 things that make life more difficult for seafarers’). So why do many young Filipinos want to serve in the Merchant Marine? Listed below are some of the usual reasons. I would have liked to include love for the sea and life at sea. However, I have known only a few Filipinos who were driven by such a passion — sea dogs who are now old or have passed away.

My father, brother or uncle was a seamen. So why not follow in their footsteps?


Working at sea is a challenging career, and to be a ship officer means joining an elite group.


I like how maritime cadets and ship officers look smart in their uniforms.


There are not enough decent-paying jobs on land.


I want to earn in dollars and have a nice house, a beautiful car, and all the comforts in life.


I want to save enough money to start my own business.


I’d like my children to have a college education.


I want to travel and see the world.


The life of a seafarer is filled with adventure and fun which landlubbers do not get to experience.


Seafarers, especially the officers, have an easier time getting women.

~ Barista Uno

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