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Seafarers don’t expect to be treated like royalty. They just want to carry on without the encumbrances that make working at sea less than satisfying and with the respect from other people that they deserve. The following is a sequel to my earlier post, ’35 things that make life more difficult for seafarers’ (click here to read the article).

1   Non-expiring training certificates

2   Scrapping of unnecessary training courses — e.g., Maritime English (it’s really just a racket)

3   More shipboard apprentice slots

4   Less government corruption and redtape

5   A ship captain who has empathy with his crew

6   Decent food and accommodations on board

7   Freedom to go on shore leave

8   Reduced shipboard paperwork for ship officers

9   Prompt payment of salaries and overtime pay

10 Honest manning agencies that won’t steal from seafarers’ dollar remittances

11 Expeditious release of health and disability benefits

12 A family that does not squander the money sent home by the seafarer

Some of the things I have enumerated may well remain on the wish list of seafarers. For all the talk about their rights, seafarers have been commodified and greed in the shipping industry is never in short supply. A system can always be changed, but human nature?

~ Barista Uno

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