Marine Café Blog was launched on 25th August 2009. Twelve years and hundreds of posts later, it is still sailing through waters that can be quite choppy at times. Some readers may wonder why. How can a blogger keep going when blogging does not fill his pocket and there will always be those who will bash him for his views? In my case, I have four simple answers.

Strong interest from readers (it serves as wind for the blog’s sails, so to speak)

A personal passion for maritime art and culture

Anger and anguish over violations of seafarers’ rights

Memories of old salts who have passed away

I should like to thank all my readers, many of whom are active or retired merchant mariners. Special thanks to those who have made donations. I really appreciate the kind gesture. You can all count on Marine Café Blog to continue serving articles that are hot and flavourful like home–brewed coffee.

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