film_clapper1Given the proliferation of training films, we’re surprised that they’re not used more often by maritime mentors. There’s the ubiquitous PowerPoint and the good old whiteboard. They do serve a purpose, but they can never deliver what a training DVD can. After having watched some fine examples, we’re convinced that training films are indispensable for seafarer education and training. Here’s why:

Training films are often the best way to introduce seafarers to a new subject, whether it’s ECDIS or marine pollution. Not all lecturers and instructors are such effective speakers that they can stimulate a student’s interest at the very outset. A well-made training film is like strong early morning coffee.

Training messages are reinforced through sounds and images, which aids in the learning process. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what moving pictures are worth.

A training film can be the focal point of a lively group discussion to make training more dynamic. We would even suggest transforming the lecture room into an impromptu cafe – with teacher and students exchanging views over coffee.

Training films have the power to motivate and inspire. They can appeal to the emotions and even to the subconscious. Training is not only about imparting knowledge. It’s also about motivating people to adopt new patterns of behaviour.

Return on Investment (ROI) on training films is high. A 25-minute training DVD costing, say, US$250 is a paltry investment with big returns. It can be used on shore and at sea; viewed by as many people as can be accommodated in a room; and remain useful for years.

Two training film-makers we would recommend to anyone are Walport Maritime Training Films and Maritime Training Services (MTS). For sure. there are others who can deliver the kind of content and technical quality required by discerning trainers. It’s a matter of exploring and tapping this great, cost-effective resource. ~Barista Uno


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