In a recent post, I showed how Filipino seafarers were being short-changed big time on their dollar remittances. How could such brazen cheating by unscrupulous manning agents be allowed to happen? I share the anguish and anger of those affected, so I have published a free guide which I hope will benefit seafarers everywhere.

What Seafarers Should Know About Remittances consists of just seven pages (including cover) with four sections:

• The Rules on Remittances Under ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

• Philippines: Rules on Remittances of Filipino Seafarers

• India: Remittance Rules for Indian Seafarers

• What seafarers can do if they are being short-changed in the conversion of their dollars or their family allotments are unduly delayed.

CLICK HERE to download a copy in PDF format.

There is probably little that can be done to check the greed of those who covet the dollars of seafarers. Nevertheless, I hope this little guide will serve to enlighten seafarers about their rights in regard to remittances — and to stand up for those rights.

~ Barista Uno

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