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Dear Friends and Followers,

Marine Café Blog will turn 10 years old this August. It is one of the most popular maritime blogs around with a broad–based readership.

The blog continues to be guided by the belief that the greatest challenge faced by the shippiing world in the 21st century is how to reclaim its humanity.

For this reason, it has been focusing mainly on seafarer issues as well as marine art and culture. It has done so with originality, style and courage.

I aim to keep this website running for as long as possible. Advertising banners help, but it is always good policy not to be beholden to any business interests.

Editorial independence. This, ultimately, is what matters or should matter to readers. It is what sets Marine Café Blog apart. 

If you believe in what Marine Café Blog is doing, please consider making a donation of 3, 5 or 10 dollars or whatever amount you can afford to help ensure its continuance.


Barista Uno (BU)
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