The samurai had their bushido, a code of conduct that guided the way they thought and acted. If one considers writing a noble profession, why shouldn’t writers have one, too? After years of wielding pen and pounding keyboards, I finally got down to crafting my personal credo as a maritime writer.

I will write knowing that there are things I do not know.

  I will speak my mind without fear of being disliked.

  I will write only what I believe in and not pander to the crowd.

  I will give praise when it is called for without currying favour with anyone.

  I will strive, to the best of my ability, to describe the maritime world in all its richness, complexity and beauty.

  I will keep in mind that the ultimate but unexpressed goal of shipping and transport is to bridge the gap between nations and individuals.

  I will uphold the rights of those who work at sea, yet never lose sight of the prime importance for every individual of duty.

  I will write as though tomorrow I will no longer be able to use my hand.

~ Barista Uno

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