One outfit we’d like to see succeed in the dog-eat-dog world of Philippine maritime training is COMPASS Training Center. As we wrote in our blog post last year, the centre is owned by a group that’s made up mostly of merchant marine professionals and it has a different outlook. Profit-wise, COMPASS appears to be still struggling. Manning agents and their foreign principals, however, would do well to patronise it if they want to help re-shape the local training landscape. Now’s a good time as any for them to do so.

COMPASS has just announced its Walk-In/Cash-Basis Promo, which runs from 14th March to 30th June 2011. Walk-in and company-endorsed trainees get substantial discounts on course fees. The promotional rates do not apply to welding courses and dollar-rate courses (such as TOTs and MRM) and in cases where the fees are charged to company accounts with a 15- or 30-payment period. For further details, call (632) 5362368/ 5362158 or email

With or without the promo rates, we’d gladly endorse COMPASS. Many of the other training centres we know are just out to separate the seafarers from their money. ~Barista Uno

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