A sea of nature: A voyage by camera through a wild garden

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Nature and the Environment, Photography

‘If one truly loves nature one finds beauty everywhere.’

~ Vincent van Gogh

Anything in excess is bad. It can also be tiresome. So, instead of talking yet again about seafarers’ rights or the sins of the maritime press, I thought I would share some photographs I took recently in the backyard garden of the house where I live.

One can describe the garden as “wild”. There are no trimmed hedges, no potted plants. It is a mad medley of small trees, flowering plants, bushes, grass and weeds. This makes it as beautiful — and as intriguing — as the great, ever-changing sea.

Gardens are not meant for the eyes only. To appreciate the beauty of a garden, one must also listen. It could be the twitter of birds frolicking about or the sound of rain falling on the ground. Even the rustling of leaves in the wind can be music to the ears.

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