A short pictorial satire on IMO and bureaucratic power

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Shipping

The world, it seems, has become too serious because of COVID-19. So for a change, I thought I would come up with a lighthearted post about the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

For this satirical piece, I have used some drawings by Edward Lear (1812–1888), the English artist, illustrator and author best known for his books of nonsensical verse. Lear’s drawings are as silly and absurd as his limericks. But they make perfect sense when placed in the context of bureaucratic power as it has been exercised by the IMO.

IMO choreographs the annual dance it concocted called “Day of the Seafarer”. Dance away, ladies and gentlemen!

IMO is second to none when it comes sloganeering and singing paeans to seafarers.

IMO has hijacked the issue of seafarers’ rights and welfare, a concern that properly belongs to the International Labour Organization. But who gives two hoots? Not even the ILO is protesting!

IMO performs its Institutional overreach with the dexterity of a professional dancer. Bravo! 

IMO expects seafarers to pay for the print and electronic editions of STCW and other IMO conventions. Sorry, lads. No free online access to the full texts.

IMO professes love for seafarers, at the same time overburdening them with a multitude of training and certification requirements. It’s called “tough love”.

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