This week Maritime CEO, the flagship of Singapore–based Asia Shipping Media (ASM), came out out with a review of my newly released e–book, Maritime Double Shots. It is the first public scrutiny of my entrée into the world of book publishing. To say that I was satisfied with the write–up would be a gross understatement.

I was actually elated. ASM is one of the few outfits remaining that try their best not to serve decaffeinated maritime news and feature articles. It is skippered by two old hands in the business, Sam Chambers and Grant Rowles. I’m not sure if these two gentlemen are coffee junkies like me. But they do know how to prepare a good editorial brew and serve it the right way to the reading public.

What I like about Maritime CEO’s review of Maritime Double Shots is that it is not excessively complimentary. “As with his blog there is a strident criticism of much of the industry,” the article notes, “and one senses Uno has a yearning for yesteryear in much of his writing.” That kind of candid observation is so unlike the puff pieces you often encounter in the PR-dominated maritime press. How refreshing. ~Barista Uno

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