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Marine Café Blog

Marine Café Blog is a maritime blog that calls a spade a spade. Unorthodox and often irreverent, it shares ideas and information in the hope that readers will see things in a new light. The scope is wide – from ships, ports and seafarers to marine technology, maritime art and the environment.

Coffee, in our opinion, should be served hot and have a full-bodied flavour and distinctive aroma. Marine Café Blog strives toward the same qualities in its editorial style and content.

About the Blogger

Barista Uno is a former shipping, ports & energy journalist. He’s conversant with shipping, international trade, port operations and marine safety and seafarer issues.

After years of chasing stories for leading international publications, he grew tired of journalistic writing and disillusioned with the maritime press. He finally abandoned journalism in 2009 to relish the joy and freedom of blogging.

His interests outside of things maritime include literature, art, photography, psychology, meta-history, Eastern philosophy, computers, Linux, women’s rights, the environment and – not least of all – coffee.

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