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Marine Café Blog

Marine Café Blog deals mainly with seafarera’ rights and maritime art & culture. Launched in late 2009, it delves into maritime issues with unusual boldness and originality. Its  worldwide readership is comprised of seafarers, maritime executives, NGOs, maritime trainers, academics and others interested in the maritime world.

The name of the blog was inspired by the idea that writing should be as flavourful and stimulating as home-brewed coffee. NO DECAF ON THE MENU!

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About the Blogger

Barista Uno is the pen name of a Manila-based maritime writer known to his fans worldwide as BU. He used to be an international shipping, ports and energy journalist.

A staunch advocate of seafarers’ rights, BU has written two free guides: A Short Guide: How to Protect Your Rights as a Seafarer and What Seafarers Should Know About Remittances. In 2018 he published Close Encounters in Maritime Manila, a collection of stories-cum-essays about Filipino seafarers and other actors in the local maritime scene.

BU’s interests aside from things maritime are: literature, art, photography, psychology, the rights of women, comparative religion, and Eastern thought. 

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