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It’s still a full month before the Day of the Seafarer (25th of June), but I decided to celebrate it today, 25th of May, and not wait for the usual din of slogans and speeches. I’d like to honour in particular the viejos lobos de mar, the old sea dogs, by sharing “Cool Change” – a hit song by the Australian rock group, Little River Band, released in 1979. Listen carefully to the lyrics as sang in 2007 by Glenn Shorrock, the band’s lead singer, and be moved.


I’ve had the privilege of knowing a number of old sea dogs – men with weathered faces who spent many years at sea and had colourful tales to tell; who knew the dreadful power of the ocean but had a passion for the nautical life; and who mastered their trade, not just because it was their livelihood, but because they loved what they were doing. They seem to be a vanishing breed. How I wish we could write a book about them. ~Barista Uno
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