Coffee through the lens of guest photographers

I recently invited photography enthusiasts to share their pictures for a special Marine Café Blog feature on coffee. It's a hectic holiday season. What better time to take a respite from the workaday maritime world? Of the nearly 50 photos submitted, six stood out...

Top 13 seascape photographs by Facebook users

I recently invited Facebook members to share their seascape photographs (a maximum of three per person) for this special Marine Café Blog feature. I should like to thank all those who answered my call despite there being no prize at stake. Choosing a dozen...

A song by Sting, a lesson for sailors, on love

A French Sailor — oil on canvas, 1897, by Norwegian painter Christian Krohg (1852–1925)Photo courtesy of Nasjonalmuseet, NorwayThe maritime Establishment never runs out of tributes to mariners and clichéd words about how hard and dangerous their work is....


John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University advertisement


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