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Specimens of Canadian marine art that will charm you

Canada has a rich legacy of marine art, a fact which should come as no surprise. Water is virtually everywhere in the second largest country after Russia. Canada has the world’s longest coastline (243,042 km) and the world’s largest fresh water area (891,163 sq km). The vastness and grandeur of the Canadian landscape have provided artists with a wellspring of inspiration.

Storied River: The Nile in splendid works of art

The Nile is considered the longest river in the world with its total length of 6,650 kilometres (4,132 miles). Rising south of the Equator, it flows northward through northeastern Africa to drain into the Mediterranean Sea. Its significance, however, goes beyond it physical characteristics or its contribution to the development of ancient Egyptian civilisation.

Sunrise at sea: Splendid art to greet the New Year

It is customary in many countries to usher in the new year with fireworks. The Chinese believe that they drive away evil spirits. Others simply love the sound and spectacle of the pyrotechnics. In lieu of all that, I’d like to share some paintings of sunrise at sea to welcome 2023. I hope that each one will give off good vibes to the readers of Marine Café Blog. Happy New Year!

The unique charm of bridges in traditional Japanese art

Bridges in Japanese art have a unique charm that stems from the traditional values and ideas held by the Japanese. Amongst them: the adoration of beauty; love for nature and its changing aspects; the transcience of life; social accord; and harmony with the universe. Looking at the following works of art, one feels a certain tranquility, the kind that comes from knowing one’s place in the larger scheme of things.

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