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Timeless quotes about charity for today’s shipping world

Charity is a great thing. It uplifts the human spirit and acts as an antidote to greed. Unfortunately, charity in the shipping world has descended to the level of propaganda, corporate almsgiving and media spectacle. The maritime charities drum up a particular issue (e.g., depression at sea), and large corporations, their conscience pricked, donate money to the cause. The whole cycle is attended by publicity.

Portraits of maritime women – 1

MARISSA OCA Five minutes into our conversation with Marissa Oca on a hot May afternoon and we knew that this was one tough, driven woman. "I am a blazing fire of passion for work," she said. "Work has to be done." The toughness and the drive she apparently got from...

Crewcare Inc takes CSR to prison

In the dog-eat-dog world of Philippine manning, it's a delight to see some players looking beyond profits and thinking of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One such company is Crewcare Inc. On 23rd October, its executives and staff drove to the National Bilibid...

In focus: plight of Filipino Hansenites

We've been an admirer of shipping expat Jae Jung Jang, chairman of the Uni Group of Companies, ever since we learned about his philanthropy. He's Korean, and his Sorok Uni Foundation has been helping cured Filipino lepers reintegrate into mainstream society. It's a...

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