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The modernist marine paintings of Anita Malfatti

Anita Malfatti occupies a special place in the history of Brazilian art. She was the first Brazilian painter to introduce Modernism to Brazil. In a country so used to old forms of realistic art, she ushered in the brave new world of Expressionism, defined by Tate UK as “art in which the image of reality is distorted in order to make it expessive of the artist’s inner feelings or ideas”.

Endearing art: Father and child and the sea

Art depicting mother and child is ubiquitous. Understandably so. Mothers should be praised and honoured for the many sacrifices they make for their children. Artworks with a father-and-child motif are much less common even though fathers often exert a great deal of influence on their offsprings. Indeed, the ones with the sea as backdrop are rare.

US maritime heritage embedded in state seals

The United States ranked no. 11 in the 2022 UNCTAD table of countries with the largest fleets in terms of carrying capacity (deadweight tonnes). It was way below the top three fleet owners — Greece, China and Japan. Nonetheless, Americans can take pride in having an enviable maritime heritage and preserving and keeping it alive in their art, music and literature. That legacy is even embedded in the official seals of 13 states.

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