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An inside look at the SS United States in her heyday

America’s Flagship. A national icon. An American original…

The list of accolades to the SS United States is long and each one is well-deserved. She is the largest ocean liner to be built in the United States and the fastest ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Alas, she has been slowly rusting away since being laid up in Philadelphia in 1996. Various attempts to restore and/or repurpose her have met with failure. Still, the SS United States Conservancy, the ship’s present owner, is hopeful that the latest redevelopment plans of New York-based RXR Realty will give her a new lease of life.

The waterside paintings of Mademoiselle Berthe Morisot

The small Paris circle of artists who started what was to become known as Impressionism included a woman. Her name: Berthe Morisot (born 14 January 1841, Bourges, France—died 2 March 1895, Paris). By all indications, Morisot was liked and considered an equal by the other members of the group, which included the great Claude Monet. Even so, she had to put up with 19th-century male prejudice.

The unheralded lives of fishwives revealed in art

The expression “to swear like a fishwife” evokes the image of a loud and foul-mouthed woman. Although the analogy has the ring of truth, it does not do justice to the fishwives of old. These women, who were often wives or daughters of fishermen, epitomised strength, industry and fortitude. Consider the tasks that they usually had to perform:

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