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A touch of love: The marine drawings of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh left behind more than 1,100 drawings when he died at age 37 on 29 July 1890. Sadly, but not surprisingly, they have been eclipsed by the splendid colours and well-deserved fame of his ‘The Starry Night’ and other oil paintings.

Drawing was a large part of Van Gogh’s artistic life. He put his heart into it, sometimes at great emotional cost. To give his drawings the attention they deserve is to do justice to the man and his legacy.

Specimens of Canadian marine art that will charm you

Canada has a rich legacy of marine art, a fact which should come as no surprise. Water is virtually everywhere in the second largest country after Russia. Canada has the world’s longest coastline (243,042 km) and the world’s largest fresh water area (891,163 sq km). The vastness and grandeur of the Canadian landscape have provided artists with a wellspring of inspiration.

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