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Alluring Japanese art: Rivers and the sea amid falling snow

There is something inexplicably beautiful about snowy landscapes. This is not the only reason, though, that they figure prominently in traditional Japanese art. For the Japanese, snow is a symbol of purity. The following traditional snowscapes all feature a river or the sea. They reflect the Japanese sense of connectivity with nature; their view of nature as intertwined with the world of the spirit; and their Buddhist-inspirted notion of the transience of things.

The difference between wharf, pier and jetty as seen in art

How can one tell if it’s a wharf, a pier or a jetty? The question can stump non-maritime professionals. But even some seafarers may not be able to give a satisfactory answer. Dictionaries provide varying definitions, some of which can be a bit vague. The following works of art should be of help to those who sometimes or often get confused by the terms

Stronger than tea: Marine paintings by six British women

I am always pleasantly surprised whenever I come across a marine painting by a woman from the 19th or early 20th century. In those days the world of European art was dominated by men. And only few women, such as Leontine von Littrow, who managed to break into this male enclave had a significant ouput of marine art. This makes such works by female artists even more interesting and important.

Fragments of life and maritime history in old postcards

How many still send postcards by mail? People now use email and social media to send messages from near and far. Gone are the days when one would handwrite a greeting on a postcard, lick a stamp to paste onto it, and dispatch the card by mail to a friend or loved one. Come and have a nostalgic look at the lost age of postcards:

A dozen drawings of sailboats you’d want to savour

There is something about sailboats that make them attractive to many people. Is it their graceful movement as they glide through the water? The beautiful shape of ther wind-driven sails? Or is it the sense of freedom that the sight of them evokes in the viewer? No matter, sailboats are a delight to the eye. Enjoy the following drawings as you would a cup of home-brewed coffee.

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