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Reflections on the tides of life and the sea

Last November, I was forced to take a leave from writing and other normal activities after I accidentally twisted my left foot. It came like a sudden squall. The shooting pain in my big toe was soon followed by inflammation around the ankle and numbness on the sole of the foot. I wanted to cry out and curse my fate. But then I remembered what Captain MacWhirr, the chief protagonist in Joseph Conrad‘s 1902 novella Typhoon, said to a young seaman…

Three short but powerful poems about water

Like the lens of a camera, poetry can put reality into sharper focus and prod us to see the world with fresh eyes. The following poems written by three famous poets are about water, a subject many people tend to take for granted. They are notable for their effective use of rhythm, diction and imagery to deliver a philosophical message.

10 uplifting quotes about faith for maritime folks

There is faith of the religious sort. There is also faith in the general sense — that is, immense trust or confidence in something or someone. It could be anything: a system, a particular individual, humankind, or life itself. Either way, faith is essential. A person without it is like a rudderless, anchorless ship drifting at sea.

Islands in old photographs and thoughts about life

Very old photographs are like time machines, transporting you to an era that has long vanished. Looking at them makes you imagine what it was like to live back then. But some vintage pictures, like the following photographs of islands, can do more than take you on a journey to lost time. They can unmoor certain thoughts. Suddenly, sometimes almost instinctively, you find yourself contemplating upon life and the human condition.

Old harbour photos: A brief reflection on ships and men

A harbour is often thought of as a place bustling with maritime commerce. The Britannica definition of the term reminds us of its primary function: “any part of a body of water and the manmade structures surrounding it that sufficiently shelters a vessel from wind, waves, and currents, enabling safe anchorage or the discharge and loading of cargo and passengers.”

The irony of time revealed in maritime photos

Time, it is often said, changes everything.. This is not exactly true. As the following pairs of maritime photographs show, some things change dramatically after the lapse of many years and others, little or not at all. The American-British poet T.S. Eliot was right. “Time the destroyer is time the preserver.” he wrote in The Dry Salvages, the third poem of his famous Four Quartets.

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