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Fragments of life and maritime history in old postcards

How many still send postcards by mail? People now use email and social media to send messages from near and far. Gone are the days when one would handwrite a greeting on a postcard, lick a stamp to paste onto it, and dispatch the card by mail to a friend or loved one. Come and have a nostalgic look at the lost age of postcards:

A dozen drawings of sailboats you’d want to savour

There is something about sailboats that make them attractive to many people. Is it their graceful movement as they glide through the water? The beautiful shape of ther wind-driven sails? Or is it the sense of freedom that the sight of them evokes in the viewer? No matter, sailboats are a delight to the eye. Enjoy the following drawings as you would a cup of home-brewed coffee.

Playground of colours: The marine art of Henri Matisse

The great French painter Henri Matisse was such a colourist that his works are bound to induce feelings of delight and happiness. Through his art, which is often both expressive and decorative, we find ourselves in touch once again with the child spirit in us.

But though Matisse handled colour with audacity, he went about it with conscious deliberation. Like a musical composer, he positioned each colour and each element in their proper places. The result was art that appeals to our desire for the two things that are sometimes denied to us in real life: freedom and harmony.

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