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Childhood on the beach revisited in old photographs

As precious as childhood itself are old photographs of children on the beach. The following pictures — a sequel to my blog post of 26th July 2019, The joy of childhood and the sea celebrated in art — tell of happy days. However, they have a certain poignancy which calls to mind a poem written by one of England’s best known poets.

Vintage seascape photographs that will amaze you

Vintage photographs are valuable artefacts insofar as they preserve the memory of people and things that otherwise would slip into oblivion. Some old pictures, however, do much more: they are veritable works of art. The following are six such photographs. They are timeless reminders of the beauty and power of the sea, as worthy of being kept for posterity as the seascapes of famous painters.

Seashells and photography: A pairing of two passions

I recently decided to do a new series of seashell photographs. Men drool over beautiful cars, but I am more fascinated with shells. As for photography, I see it as a new (at least for me) mode of expression — a respite from the sometimes arduous task of wresting with words. I hope you enjoy viewing the collection.

Fanciful seascapes by five photographic artists

Early this February, I invited photographers on Facebook to submit their photographic artworks depicting the sea for a special Marine Café Blog feature. The idea was to show how one can use digital technology to extend the boundaries of the imagination and create memorable images. Here, in no particular order, are the most striking of the works submitted:

Search on for best seascapes in photographic art

Marine Café Blog will be paying tribute to the sea and the power of digital photography in an upcoming special feature with the theme, Seascapes in Photographic Art. You can be one of the photographer-artists featured. Kindly read the following guidelines for participants:

Ten talented photographers celebrate life on the waterfront

In mid-January, I issued a call on social media for outstanding waterfront photographs. This was not a contest with prizes for the winners, but a simple celebration of life on the waterfront. A good number of entries came in, all of them meritorous. However, ten pictures stood out because of their composition, content and overall impact.

Life on the waterfront: an invitation to photographers

There are few places in a town or city that are more interesting than the waterfront. Shopping malls certainly do not have the same kind of energy and atmosphere one finds on wharves and piers, on boardwalks and esplanades. With this in mind, Marine Café Blog is inviting all photographers to submit their photos for an upcoming special feature.

When beautiful beaches are made ugly by war

The beach held a strong attraction for the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet. In 1868 he wrote to his friend Frédéric Bazille from Étretat, a coastal town in northern France: “I pass my time in the open air on the beach when it is really heavy weather or when the boats go out fishing…” Beaches in times of war are something else, however.

Lighthouse photographs and reflections on life

A lighthouse is more than what the Cambridge Dictionary says it is: “a tall structure by the sea with a flashing light that warns ships of dangerous rocks or shows them the way into a port.” It serves to inspire writers, painters, photographers and anybody whose mind...