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The difference between wharf, pier and jetty as seen in art

How can one tell if it’s a wharf, a pier or a jetty? The question can stump non-maritime professionals. But even some seafarers may not be able to give a satisfactory answer. Dictionaries provide varying definitions, some of which can be a bit vague. The following works of art should be of help to those who sometimes or often get confused by the terms

Fragments of life and maritime history in old postcards

How many still send postcards by mail? People now use email and social media to send messages from near and far. Gone are the days when one would handwrite a greeting on a postcard, lick a stamp to paste onto it, and dispatch the card by mail to a friend or loved one. Come and have a nostalgic look at the lost age of postcards:

Some great quotes about language and rhetoric

Speeches and slogans abound in the maritime world. Yet, not many have mastered the art of rhetoric — that is, the effective use of language to influence or persuade others.

Certainly not the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The reason that its buzzwords and slogans are instantly repeated throughout the shipping industry is not because of it is skilled in rhetoric but because those who echo the IMO’s words do not question their sincerity or if they even match reality.

Valuable lessons from 12 years of maritime blogging

Marine Café Blog is now on its 13th year, having reached the dozen mark in August 2021. Twelve years seems a long time indeed, but every year has been worth it. The reason for my saying so is that I have learned many lessons along the way– about seafarers; the unions, charities and other players; the maritime press; the language used by the maritime community; and, not least of all, human nature in general. There are 12 things that I consider particularly edifying.

Three important maritime issues raised…and ignored

Marine Café Blog often hones in on topics that are hardly talked about by the maritime community and generally ignored by the shipping press. It was the first to raise three issues in particular which involve the rights and welfare of seafarers. Perhaps I should take some pride in this, but I don’t. The reason is that these issues continue to fall on many deaf ears. It can be bloody frustrating.

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