A Mainsail Haul by John Masefield (PDF format)

'A Mainsail Haul' is a collection of 16 sea-related stories by John Masefield, an English writer and UK Poet Laureate from 1930 to 1967. First published in 1905, the book demonstrates Masefield's ability to tell a good yarn. Excerpt: "Gradually, however, the peace in my heart gave way to an eating melancholy, and I felt a sadness, such as has come to me but twice in my life. With the sadness there came a horror of the water and of the skies, till my presence in that ship, under the ghastly corpse-light of the moon, among that sea, was a terror to me past power of words to tell." This PDF file is courtesy of the Cornell University Library and was digitised by the Internet Archive. (2.6 MiB, PDF, 195 pages)

Click here for the EPUB version of 'A Mainsail Haul'.

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