Canoe Song by Paul Robeson (song from a movie, MP3)

'Canoe Song' features the vocals of American baritone Paul Robeson (1898 – 1976), who is known for his great rendition of 'Ol Man River, It is from the 1935 British film Sanders of the River and has a timeless social message: "For light is the burden of labor/ When each bends his back with his neighbor/ So each for all/ We stand or fall/ And all for each/ Until we reach/ The journey's end." The 1935 recording is courtesy of Bob Varney on the Internet Archive, remastered by Marine Café Blog to play at a higher quality 320kbps. (6.6 MiB, MP3, 2:53 minutes)

Click here for the complete lyrics of 'Canoe Song'.

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