In a Storm at Sea (old folk song in MP3)

'In a Storm at Sea" is a charming song about the importance of having faith. A ship is battered by a storm, and everyone on board fears for the worst except the captain's little daughter. She reminds her father that one must believe in God's benevolence at sea as well as on land. The weather eventually clears up the next day,, and the ship and its crew find safety in a harbour. This song was recorded in 1937 by Captain Pearl R. Nye (1872-1950). It is courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress, for which Captain Nye transcribed the lyrics of hundreds of songs. (1.8 MiB, MP3, 1:07 minutes)

See 'Sea of Faith: Prayers for Mariners' by Barista Uno (free illustrated pamphlet of prayers).

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