Ships & Ways of Other Days by E. Keble Chatterton

In the Introduction to Ships & Ways of Other Days, British maritime writer Edward Keble Chatterton (1878 – 1944) writes: "I can promise the reader that if he loves ships, if he has a sympathetic interest in that curious composite creature the seaman—who throughout history has been compelled to endure the greatest hardships and deprivations for the benefit of those whose happy fortune it is to live on shore—he will find in the ensuing pages much that will both surprise him and entertain him." Chatterton delivers big time on that promise. The book is well-reserarched and well-written. More than a historical account, it gives an intimate picture of the life lived on the sailing ships of yore. (22.1 MiB, PDF, 420 pages) See also Chatterton's Sailing Ships: The Story of their Development from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

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