Starboard Lights: Salt Water Tales by A.B. Hawser, Master

Starboard Lights: Salt Water Tales was written by A.B. Hawser, pseudonym of Julius Washington Muller (1867 – 1930). Published in 1901, the book is remarkable for its easy, down-to-earth language, and engaging wit. Consider this first paragraph from the first chapter, "What Happened at Sea': "Never mind where this ship was bound. She belonged to a firm of fine, jovial Englishmen?most agreeable persons, with an amiable weakness for overloading and undermanning their vessels. It's easy enough. The Plimsoll's mark that the Lloyds people put on a ship can't talk, and a little thing like jamming cargo in till the mark is way under water doesn't make the craft look particularly bad when she's lying at her berth in a slip where there are no waves." (14.2 MiB, PDF, 223 pages)

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