Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) was one of the greatest artists produced by Japan, known worldwide for his iconic woodblock print The Great Wave. Learn more about the life and work of the artistic giant in this Summer 1985 issue of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin. A sizeable collection of  Hokusai's prints is featured. (File size: 7.5 MiB, PDF, 51 pages)

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The duty to rescue at sea, in peacetime and in war: A general overview

The duty to rescue persons in distress at sea is enshrined in international law but it is not always clear-cut. This article from the International Review of the Red Cross journal is especially relevant in light of the controversial sea rescues being conducted by charity groups in the Mediterranean. It was written by Irini Papanicolopulu, Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Milano-Bicocca. (File size: 1.1 MiB, PDF, 24 pages)

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Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019: The Yearbook

See the 129 winning images from the 2019 international Underwater Photographer of the Year competition. Since 2015, the British-sponsored UPY competition has been attracting thousands of photographers from around the world who vie for prizes in different categories. This stunning publication, which also features back-stories and the judges' comments, is a welcome addition to any photographer's or sea lover's library. (File size 20.6 MiB, PDF, 173 pages)

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Blood and Water: Human rights abuse in the global seafood industry

Human rights abuse is rife in the fishing industry. This 2019 report from the London-based Environmental Justice Foundation details cases of slavery, debt bondage, insufficient food and water, filthy living conditions, physical and sexual assault and even murder aboard fishing vessels from 13 countries operating across three oceans. (File size: 3.4 MiB, PDF, 44 pages_

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National Geographic’s Guide to Photography: Travel Basics

This 15-page guide was put together by the photographers of National Geographic, which is known for its excellent photography. It provides useful information for the traveller who loves taking pictures or the amateur photographer who just wants to improve his skills. (File size: 4 MiB, PDF, 15 pages)

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Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (last chapter, audio)

Listen to a wonderful reading of Chapter 135 (The Chase — Third Day) of Herman Melville's masterpiece. This last chapter describes Captain Ahab's final encounter with Moby-Dick which would seal the fate of the whaling ship Pequod and its crew. Read by James Naughtie and introduced by Peter Donaldson, the audio file is courtesy of The Arts Institute, University of Plymouth, in the UK. (File size: 25.9 MiB, MP3)    

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Youth by Joseph Conrad (for smartphones and tablets)

Enjoy this autobiographical short story by the great Polish-born British writer and former ship captain, Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)). Written in 1898, Youth begins with five veterans of the merchant navy drinking red wine around a table. Marlow, one of the men, then narrates his first voyage to the East as second mate on board the Judea 22 years earlier, when he was aged 20. The story is punctuated with some moving descriptions of the sea, as in this excerpt: The sea was white like a sheet of foam, like a caldron of boiling milk; there was not a break in the clouds, no — not the size of a man’s hand — no, not for so much as ten seconds... (File size: 74.5 KiB, EPUB) — NOTE: Transfer the downloaded file to your device. You need to have an e-book reader app if you are using a smartphone or tablet, You can also read the EPUB file  on a desktop computer using a book reader such as FBReader.

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Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

If you love whales and dolphins, you've got to read this wonderful booklet from the Scottish Natural Heritage. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises is focused on Scottish coastal waters, where nearly one-quarter of the world's species of cetaceans are found. However, it contains a good deal of general information about these lovable creatures of the sea and some beautiful photographs.  (File size: 3.2 MiB, PDF, 58 pages)

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The Mental Health of Seafarers

This 12-page paper written by Robert T.B. Iversen of the Rotary Club of Melbourne is a worthwhile read. It not only puts a handle on the extent of the problem relating to seafarer suicides resulting from depression, but it also discusses the causes of poor mental health amongst seafarers. (File size: 191.1 KiB, PDF, 12 pages)

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The American Society of Marine Artists – ASMA News and Journal, Fall 2018

Marine art lovers will enjoy reading this Fall 2018 edition of the quarterly ASMA journal. It features the art and career of Mark Daly, a self-taught artist from Cincinnati, Ohio, and MBA graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Philadelphia. Gracing the cover of this issue is a detail of Daly's Golden Sails. (File size: 2.1 MiB, PDF, 32 pages)

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Sea Shanties (MP3 format)

Sea shanties or traditional sailors' work songs are part  of the world's maritime heritage. The five a cappella shanties contained in the ffie are from the London-based English Folk Dance and Song Society. They are in MP3 format, which is perfect for listening on your smartphone. (File size: 7.0 MiB, zipped ffile containing five songs in MP3 format)

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Study of Shells: conchology and shell collecting

This 8-page brochure contains a wealth of information for shell collectors and others who just love shells. Amongst other things, it provides tips on protecting your shell collection. Enioy the wonderful photography, layout and design by Canadian graphics designer Jennifer Harder of The Ink Rag.  (File size: 4.1 MiB, PDF,  eight pages)

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Sinking of the Titanic by Thomas H. Russell

This is a gem of a book. Published in 1912 shortly after the RMS Titanic sank, it is a riveting account of what really happened. The horror the survivors went through is described in chilling detail, as in this excerpt from the book: The women in the lifeboats saw their loved ones plunge to death. The survivors' boats were bobbing along in the waves all within a radius of half a mile of the great Titanic, when, with a roar and burst of spray, it settled and passed out of sight for the last time. (File size: 26.8 MiB, PDF, 353 pages)

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International Hazards Datasheet (for ship engineer/machinist)

This five-page International Hazards Datasheet lists the hazards ship engineers may be exposed to in the course of their normal work — from cuts and injuries caused by sharp instruments to electric shocks and exposure to noise and heat. It also suggests preventive measures for dealing with such hazards. (File size: 61.3 KiB, PDF, five pages)

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International Hazards Datasheet (for seaman/seawoman)

This five-page document could be a life-saver for seafarers working on deck. Co-produced by the International Labour Organization (ILO), it lists, in a standard format, different hazards to which deckhands may be exposed in the course of their day-to-day work. It also spells out preventive measures for dealing with such hazards. (File size: 60.4 KiB, PDF, five pages)  

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Civil Sea Rescue: Annual Report 2017-2018 (Sea-Watch)

This 13-page report is an interesting and informative read whatever your opinion may be on the Mediterranean migrant crisis. It takes a close look at the workings of Sea-Watch, the controversial sea rescue group — how it operates, what drives its members, and where it gets the money to fund its mission. (File size: 3.5 MiB, PDF, 13 pages)

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An Eye for Art: Winslow Homer

Get a fresh perspective on the art of Winslow Homer (1836–1910), the American landscape painter best known for his marine subjects. This four-page monograph is part of the An Eye for Art series of the Washington DC-based National Gallery of Art. It says of Homer's masterful use of watercolour: With quick brushstrokes, he captured crashing waves, moving animals, and the visual effects of changing light. To suggest sunlight, Homer left areas of the white paper untouched. Using this technique, the whiteness of the paper — and not the paint — creates glints of brilliant light. (File size: 11.2 MiB, PDF, four pages)

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (illustrated)

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights remains the basic framework for any discussion of human rights, including the rights of seafarers. This edition of the most translated document in the world is wonderfully illustrated by Yacine Aït Kaci (YAK), an Algerian-born French digital media artist. (File size: 1.1 MiB, PDF, 72 pages)

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ILO Maritime Labour Convention (for smartphones and tablets)

Every merchant sailor should have a copy of ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 — known as the seafarers' bill of rights. Have ready access to the full text of MLC2006 on your smartphone, tablet or e-book reader. NOTE: Transfer the downloaded file to your device. You need to have an e-book reader app if you are using a smartphone or tablet. (File size: 99.7 KiB, EPUB)

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Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (for smartphones and tablets)

Carry one of the greatest literary classics in your pocket. Herman Melville's Moby-Dick; or, The Whale is not just an adventure novel about a mad ship captain and his vengeful quest for the White Whale. It is filled with philosophical musings on life and the human condition. This EPUB edition is perfect for reading on your smartphone, tablet or e-book reader such as Kindle. NOTE: You need to have an e-book reader app installed on your smartphone or tablet. (File size: 537.5 KiB , EPUB)

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Moby-Dick; or, The Whale

First published in 1851, Moby-Dick; or, The Whale by Herman Melville arguably marks the beginning of modern American literature. It is not just an adventure novel about Captain Ahab and his vengeful quest for the White Whale. As Robert McCrum noted in a book review for The Guardian newspaper: Moby-Dick is...the great American novel whose genius was only recognised long after its author was dead. From its celebrated opening line ("Call me Ishmael") it plunges the reader into the narrator's quest for meaning "in the damp, drizzly November of my soul". (File size: 3.2 MiB, PDF, 861 pages)

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Cullercoats Art Trail: A journey back in time around Cullercoats through the eyes of famous artists

The fishing village of Cullercoats in North East England was an artists' colony that attracted such famous artists as the American painter and printmaker, Winslow Homer. This small travel brochure from the North Tyneside Council throws light on what lured these artists to the place. It features several artworks, including four iconic watercolour drawings by Homer. (File size: 1 MiB, PDF, five pages)

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An Eye for Art: Joseph Mallord William Turner

This four-page monograph spotlights the life and art of Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851), a British Romantic painter known for his turbulent seascapes. It is part of the National Gallery of Art's family-oriented 'An Eye for Art' series on great artists and their work. (File size: 6.8 MiB, PDF)

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The Art of Clouds

Any sailor worth his salt should be able to tell the difference between the various types of clouds. This unique learning aid from the UCAR Center for Science Education (UCAR SciEd) in Coloroda, USA, uses paintings by famous artists to promote a better understanding of the subject. Included are sea-themed paintings by Claude Monet, John Constable, Eugene Bordin, J.M.W. Turner, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Isaac Levitan and Winslow Homer. (File size: 21.1 MiB, PDF, 46 pages)

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Sea Grist: A Personal Narrative of Five Months in the Merchant Marine

This non-fiction book is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a seafarer. Published in 1922, it should appeal to all modern-day readers who love sea literature. Says author Lehmann Hisey in his Preface: "My purpose in relating this experience in the Merchant Marine is to show the fellow who craves sea life and adventure that these things are not all he may think them to be. My service extended over a period of five months and this little tale gives the actual daily life and work, neither softened nor exaggerated, but told exactly as it occurred. I have endeavored to show not only the routine, discipline and associates, but the effect of these on one's character and ideals." (File size: 53.9 MiB, PDF, 269 pages in sequence)

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Sea Garden

Sea Garden was the first book of H.D., the pen name of American poet Hilda Doolittle. Published in 1916, it remains a literary gem. Many of the 28 poems in this slim volume make use of sea-related imagery to powerfully express the poet's angst and her thoughts about love and life. (File size: 1.5 MiB, PDF)

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Marine Art in Australia

This 2014 newsletter opens a window to the world of Australian marine art. It is one of only two issues (the other one is from 2012) made available in digital format by the Australian Society of Marine Artists. Many of the articles were written by the artists themselves and feature their artworks. (File size: 5.3 MiB, PDF)

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Shell Classification Using Family Plates

Marvel at 20 beautiful photographs of shells in this monograph published by Australia's Queensland Museum Network. The plates show common Queensland shells from 38 different families. Each one is accompanied by a brief description of the shell's distinctive characteristics and habitat. (File size: 2.9 MiB, PDF)  

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Ivan Konstantin Aivazovsky (an essay)

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (1817–1900) was a Russian-Armenian painter who is considered one of the greatest masters of marine art. This short article is excerpted from Views of Russia & Russian Works on Paper, a book written by Roy Bolton and published by Sphinx Fine Art. It offers some interesting insights into Aivazovsky's style and his career as an artist. Two of Aivazovsky's stunning works, A Strong Wind (1874) and Shipwreck (1856), are highlighted in the essay. (File size: 369.6 KiB, PDF)  NOTE: This file is courtesy of Sphinx Fine Art and is for your own private use only.

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The Nikon Guide to Landscape Photography

This must be one of the best guides to landscape (and seascape) photography for both amateurs and professionals. Its 164 pages are filled wiith amazing photographs and expert advice that goes beyond the bare basics  The section on composition, for example, provides some useful tips on how to add depth to an image with the use of lead-in lines and the in-camera technique of creating layers. (File size: 18.8 MiB, PDF)  

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Water, Wind, and Waves: Marine Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age

This 9-page exhibition brochure was published by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, in conjunction with its Wind, and Waves: Marine Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age exhibit held from1st July to 25th November, 2018. It contains a short essay that explores the multifaceted relationship the Dutch had with water during their Golden Age. The sample artworks are a delight to look at and give some idea of the Dutch genius for marine art. (File size: 1 MiB, PDF)

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The American Society of Marine Artists – ASMA News and Journal, Spring 2019

Have a look at some excellent paintings in this edition of the quarterly journal of The American Society of Marine Artists. The three main articles make for interesting reading as well. Writes Russ Kramer in Making Waves: Studying Contemporary Masters of Sea Painting: "I believe it is imperative that an artist who embarks on the journey of painting water convincingly must observe firsthand, over time, its properties and dynamics. You must stand purposefully on a beach at different times of the year, be on watch overnight far out to sea, or be willing to spend hours studying its responses to opposing forces in a busy harbor..."  (File size: 4.35 MiB, PDF)

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Photographic Exploration of Sea Glass

This short article by Josephine Hyman provides a glimpse of the wonderful world of sea glass. "The term mermaid tears comes from many years ago," Ms. Wyman writes. "It was said that every time there was a shipwreck and sailors would drown, the mermaids would cry and their glass tears were later found on the beaches." With some beautiful photographs, she explains what sea glass is and how it can be differentiated from ordinary pieces of glass. (File size: 4 MiB, PDF)

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