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The Herring Fishery (illustrated brochure)

This wonderfully illustrated brochure provides essential information about the Atlantic Herring — a "commercially important fish stock for over 5000 years" found throught British and Irish waters. It also spotlights The St Ives Herring Industry, The Irish Herring Season and The North Sea Herring Voyage. The brochure is courtesy of the Borlase Smart John Wells Trust based in St Ives, Cornwall, England. (3.2 MiB, PDF, 4 pages)

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North Sea Fishers and Fighters by Walter Wood (non-fiction)

'North Sea Fishers and Fighters' is a non-fictional work about trawler fishermen in the North Sea interspersed with stories of naval battles and sea adventures. Says the author In the Introduction to the 1911 illustrated book: "There is no harder, greyer weather than that of the North Sea; there are no harder Englishmen than deep North Sea men." This digitised volume is courtesy of the University of California Libraries, (80 MiB, PDF, 524 pages) For more about North Sea fishing, check out 'The Herring Fishery'.

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Blood and Water: Human rights abuse in the global seafood industry

Human rights abuse is rife in the fishing industry. This 2019 report from the London-based Environmental Justice Foundation details cases of slavery, debt bondage, insufficient food and water, filthy living conditions, physical and sexual assault and even murder aboard fishing vessels from 13 countries operating across three oceans. (File size: 6 MiB, PDF, 44 pages)

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