Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019: The Yearbook

See the 129 winning images from the 2019 international Underwater Photographer of the Year competition. Since 2015, the British-sponsored UPY competition has been attracting thousands of photographers from around the world who vie for prizes in different categories. This stunning publication, which also features back-stories and the judges' comments, is a welcome addition to any photographer's or sea lover's library. (File size 20.6 MiB, PDF, 173 pages)

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National Geographic’s Guide to Photography: Travel Basics

This 15-page guide was put together by the photographers of National Geographic, which is known for its excellent photography. It provides useful information for the traveller who loves taking pictures or the amateur photographer who just wants to improve his skills. (File size: 4 MiB, PDF, 15 pages)

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Study of Shells: conchology and shell collecting

This 8-page brochure contains a wealth of information for shell collectors and others who just love shells. Amongst other things, it provides tips on protecting your shell collection. Enioy the wonderful photography, layout and design by Canadian graphics designer Jennifer Harder of The Ink Rag.  (File size: 4.1 MiB, PDF,  eight pages)

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Shell Classification Using Family Plates

Marvel at 20 beautiful photographs of shells in this monograph published by Australia's Queensland Museum Network. The plates show common Queensland shells from 38 different families. Each one is accompanied by a brief description of the shell's distinctive characteristics and habitat. (File size: 2.9 MiB, PDF)  

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The Nikon Guide to Landscape Photography

This must be one of the best guides to landscape (and seascape) photography for both amateurs and professionals. Its 164 pages are filled wiith amazing photographs and expert advice that goes beyond the bare basics  The section on composition, for example, provides some useful tips on how to add depth to an image with the use of lead-in lines and the in-camera technique of creating layers. (File size: 18.8 MiB, PDF)  

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Photographic Exploration of Sea Glass

This short article by Josephine Hyman provides a glimpse of the wonderful world of sea glass. "The term mermaid tears comes from many years ago," Ms. Wyman writes. "It was said that every time there was a shipwreck and sailors would drown, the mermaids would cry and their glass tears were later found on the beaches." With some beautiful photographs, she explains what sea glass is and how it can be differentiated from ordinary pieces of glass. (File size: 4 MiB, PDF)

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