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Sea of Faith: Prayers for Mariners by Barista Uno

This illustrated pamphlet contains six beautiful prayers to inspire seafarers, whatever their faith, and give them the fresh courage to face the challenges of life. Included is a poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns which is really a prayer. Feel free to redistribute the file for non-commercial purposes. (3.7 MiB, PDF, 10 pages)

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ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, latest version including 2018 amendments (MLC, 2006)

All seafarers should spare time to read Maritime Labour Convention, 2006. It is a milestone in the protection of their rights -- spelling out the various regulations on wages, hours of work, shipboard accomodations, etc. This is the consolidated text of MLC, 2006, and includes the 2014, 2016 and 2018 amendments to the Code of the Convention. It is published here by Marine Café Blog with the permission of the International Labour Organization. IMPORTANT: You are free to download this file for your personal use. You cannot redistribute it without the ILO's express permission. (736 KiB, PDF, 116 pages)

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Healthy eating and depression: How diet helps protect your mental health

Depression is fairly common amongst seafarers. This small booklet explains how proper nutrition can contribute to one's mental health and fight depression. It was written by Dr Lynn Harbottle, Consultant in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Health and Social Services Department in Guernsey. The booklet is courtesy of the Mental Health Foundation, New Zealand. (190.4 KiB, PDF, 15 pages) N.B: Those suffering from clinical depression should seek professional help.

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What Seafarers Should Know About Remittances

This free guide from Marine Café Blog contains essential information about seafarer remittances -- what ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, says on the subject; the remittance rules of the Philippines and India; and some steps seafarers can take to protect their hard-earned money. It is free to copy, share and distribute. (476.1 KiB, PDF, 7 pages)  

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Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour) Rules, 2016, of India

This is the full text in Hindi and English of India's Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour) Rules, 2016. The rules were published in the Official Gazette on 29th February 2016 and reflect India's compliance with ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which came into force on 20th August 2013. This file is courtesy of the Directorate General of Shipping. (446.1 KiB, PDF, 45 pages)

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Coping with Depression

Coping with Depression is a very informative booklet for seafarers and others who suffer from this medical condition and those whose work involves helping the depressed. It is published by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust in the UK. In an easy-to-read format, it discusses the symptoms and causes of depression, the myths surrounding it, and the steps to tackle depression. (1.1 MiB, PDF, 39 pages)

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Standard Employment Contract (SEC) for Filipino seafarers, as amended in 2010

This official Philippine document stipulates the standard terms and conditions for the overseas employment of Filipinos on ocean-going vessels as amended in 2010. A must-have reference for foreign employers and especially for Filipino seafarers. (8.6 MiB, PDF, 39 pages).

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A Short Guide: How to Protect Your Rights as a Seafarer by Barista Uno

This is not your usual how-to guide on seafarers' rights. It contains a number of practical tips that you won't find elsewhere. The booklet is published by Marine Café Blog in appreciation of the men and women who work at sea and keep the global trade going. It is free to copy and share under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- NoDerivatives 4.0 International License . (517 KiB, PDF, 17 pages) See also 'What Seafarers Should Know About Remittances' (free guide)

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US Coast Guard circular on implementation of ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

The United States is not a signatory to ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006. However, the US Coast Guard has a voluntary inspection programme for vessel owners/operators who wish to have their compliance with the Convention documented. For this purpose, the USCG issued Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) No. 02-13 for the guidance of Coast Guard marne inspectors and Recognized Classification Societies or RCS. (837 KiB, PDF, 62 pages)

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Seafarer Mental Health Study

This is the final report (October 2019)  of a study on seafarers' mental health conducted by the ITF Seafarers' Trust and Yale University. Marine Café Blog is sharing the document as part of the growing body of literature on the subject. It is NOT endorsing the findings of the study or its methodology. (File size: 1.0 MiB, PDF, 31`pages)

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The Mental Health of Seafarers

This 12-page paper written by Robert T.B. Iversen of the Rotary Club of Melbourne is a worthwhile read. It not only puts a handle on the extent of the problem relating to seafarer suicides resulting from depression, but it also discusses the causes of poor mental health amongst seafarers. (File size: 191.1 KiB, PDF, 12 pages)

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