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NTSB Accident Report on Sinking of US Cargo Vessel SS El Faro on 1 October 2015

The 2017 Accident Report from the US National Transport Safety Board provides a detailed analysis of the 2015 El Faro disaster which killed the ship's entire crew of 33. The NTSB came up with 59 findings. Amongst them: "The captain’s decision to depart Jacksonville was reasonable considering the availability of options to avoid Tropical Storm/Hurricane Joaquin." This is a valuable reference for maritime safety professionals, researchers and nautical students. (9.9 MiB, PDF, 299 pages)

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Bow Mariner disaster: Final investigation report of the United States Coast Guard

The USCG 2005 investigation report is very interesting as it describes the shipboard culture on the chemical tanker Bow Mariner, which exploded and sank on 28th February 2004 in the Atlantic Ocean. The USCG could not determine if this culture contributed to the accident, but its findings are eye-popping. It noted that there was "a lack of cohesiveness between the three Greek officers and the Filipino crew"; that the Filipino officers "did not eat in the officers' mess and were given only menial tasking"; and that several survivors reported that the Greeks "treated them with disrespect and were constantly threatening them with being fired."  Able Seaman Ronquillo stated that orders from the Greeks were like 'words from God.’ (2.6 MiB, PDF, 56 pages)

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Philippines Seafarer Statistics 2016-2020

'Philippines Seafarer Statistics 2016-2020' contains 11 year-by-year statistical tables — from the no. of seamen's books issued to the no. of Filipino seafarers deployed by vessel type. The tables were taken as originally formatted from the Maritime Industry Authority's Statistical Report 2016-2020. Cover design by Marine Café Blog. (428.5 KiB, PDF, 13 pages)

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Recollections of a Sea Wanderer’s Life by George Davis

Published in 1887, this autobiography is worth reading from beginning to end. It is not only about the life of an old salt but about a bygone age -- when, as author George Davis puts it in his Dedication, "wooden ships were manned and sailed by MEN of iron, and not as now, when iron ships are run by wooden men". Numerous illustrations and a glossary of nautical terms add richness to what is an engaging narrative. (27.6 MiB, PDF, 432 pages)

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Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour) Rules, 2016, of India

This is the full text in Hindi and English of India's Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour) Rules, 2016. The rules were published in the Official Gazette on 29th February 2016 and reflect India's compliance with ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which came into force on 20th August 2013. This file is courtesy of the Directorate General of Shipping. (446.1 KiB, PDF, 45 pages)

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A Cadet of the Black Star Line by Ralph D. Paine

David Downes, a 17-year-old cadet on the Black Star liner Roanoke, struggles with self-doubts and the hardships of life at sea. But he eventually comes to the realisation that the world of seafaring, with all its trials and tribulations, is where he belongs. 'A Cadet of the Black Star Line' was written by American journalist and author Ralph Delahaye Paine (1871 – 1925). It was first published in 1922 but should appeal to the modern reader who is interested in the world of ships and sailors. (7.0 MiB, PDF, 208 pages)

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The Mirror of the Sea by Joseph Conrad

First published in 1906, The Mirror of the Sea is a collection of autobiographical essays by Polish-British writer Joseph Conrad (1857–1924) based on his life as a merchant sailor for almost 20 years. Commenting on the book, Conrad wrote: Within these pages I make a full confession not of my sins but of my emotions. It is the best tribute my piety can offer to the ultimate shapers of my character, convictions, and, in a sense, destiny--to the imperishable sea, to the ships that are no more and to the simple men who have had their day. (13.3 MiB, PDF, 336 pages)

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Two Years Before the Mast (an American classic for smartphones and tablets)

Two Years Before the Mast is a memoir by American lawyer Richard Henry Dana Jr. of his two-year voyage from Boston to California as a common sailor on board a merchant ship. The term "before the mast" refers to the sailors' quarters located in the forecastle (the ship's bow). This book was first published in 1840 when Dana was still a law student at Harvard Universiy. In his Introduction, Prof. Homer Eaton Keyes explains why it is an American classic: We read it to-day not merely for its simple, unpretentious style; but for its clear picture of sea life previous to the era of steam navigation, and for its graphic description of conditions in California before visions of gold sent the long lines of "prairie schooners" drifting across the plains to unfold the hidden destiny of the West. (381.3 KiB, EPUB format)

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Seafarers’ Statistics in the EU: Statistical review (2017 data STCW-IS)

Published by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) on 6th August 2019, this report contains essential information on seafarers from EU- and non-EU countries whose Certificates of Competency (COCs) had been recognised as of 2017. A must-have reference for manning agencies, particularly those that supply crews to EU-flag vessels. (File size: 1.7 MiB, PDF, 59 pages)

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Sea Grist: A Personal Narrative of Five Months in the Merchant Marine

This non-fiction book is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a seafarer. Published in 1922, it should appeal to all modern-day readers who love sea literature. Says author Lehmann Hisey in his Preface: "My purpose in relating this experience in the Merchant Marine is to show the fellow who craves sea life and adventure that these things are not all he may think them to be. My service extended over a period of five months and this little tale gives the actual daily life and work, neither softened nor exaggerated, but told exactly as it occurred. I have endeavored to show not only the routine, discipline and associates, but the effect of these on one's character and ideals." (File size: 53.9 MiB, PDF, 269 pages in sequence)

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