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Glossary of Shipping Terms

This is a valuable reference material for maritime professionals, writers and academics. It was produced by the U.S. Department of Transporation, which points out that "the terms in this glossary have been carefully selected from the myriad of terms one can encounter in the shipping business." (1.2 MiB, PDF, 106 pages)

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The U.S. Merchant Marine: Back to the Future? (article)

"The result of America’s lack of a maritime psyche," declares the author, Christopher J. McMahon, "means the nation as a whole does not comprehend the value and need for U.S.-flag shipping." McMahon delves into the decline of the U.S. merchant marine, the impact of the Jones Law, and the importance of a US-flag fleet. This article was originally published in the Naval War College Review, Volume 69, Number 1 Winter. (421.9 KiB, PDF, 24 pages)

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Heavy Weather (pamphlet)

This pamphlet from the Swedish Club about Heavy Weather is useful reading for mariners. Maritime pilots may also find it interesting and helpful in increasing their understanding of the subject. The topics include cargo and hull damage in heavy weather, parametric roll, and preventive measures. (8.6 MiB, PDF, 22 pages)

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IGP&I Report on P&I claims involving vessels under pilotage, 1999-2019

This report from the International Group of P&I Clubs (IGP&I) is a big eye-opener. In the 20-year period covered, there were 1,046 incidents recorded that resulted in liabilities in excess of US$1.82bn. Although the figure is very small compared with the total number pilotage acts undertaken each year, the report notes that "the yearly average of 52 incidents equates to one incident per week, and the average value per incident is approximately US$1.74m." (9.4 MiB, PDF, 43 pages)

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To Wear Or Not to Wear (article about pilot gear)

Is it okay for harbour pilots to wear rucksacks or other bags when using the ladder? Kevin Vallance, a pilot, tackles this question in this article from the Spring 2020 edition of 'The Pilot', the magazine of the United Kingdom Pilots' Association. (1.8 MiB, PDF, 2 pages)

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Pilotage Bulletin (overview of maritime pilotage in various countries)

The Pilotage Bulletin was issued by the P&I insurer Standard Club in May 2016. It provides a good overview of pilotage in 11 maritime jurisdictions: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Panama, Singapore, UK, and the United States. The country summaries cover pilotage charges and liability/exemptions from liability, amongst other things.(6.4 MiB, PDF, 28 pages)

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The Pilots and Pilot Boats of New York (a rare Scientific American article)

'The Pilots and Pilot Boats of New York' was published in the 22nd October 1898 edition of Scientific American, which was founded in New York City in 1845 as a weekly newspaper. An excerpt from the article: "The history of those early days of pilotage is full of disaster, and the long cruises to the eastward were as costly as they were unnecessary. This was well understood by the pilots, and it was only a question of time before some arrangement would be made by which the work could be carried on systematically and with less risk and expense." (3.6 MiB, PDF, 2 pages) See also 'Pilots and Pilot Boats of Boston Harbor'.

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The Longshoremen by Charles B. Barnes

'The Longshoremen' is a compelling book about American longshoremen (dock workers) in the early 1900s. The Preface reads in part: "Mr. Barnes' study of longshoremen and their work was an initimate and careful one. Its aim is to give a picture of the men, of the conditions of labor which affect them, of the relations existing between them and their employers and bosses, and of their own efforts to co-operate with one another in trying to improve their lot in life.". (5.5 MiB, PDF, 335 pages) Please consider giving a small donation to help us grow this Downloads section. Buy Me A Coffee

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Atlantic Pilotage Authority Annual Report 2020

The latest annual report of Canada's Atlantic Pilotage Authority provides interesting insights into its operations and the performance of Canadian maritime pilots. It includes statistics on, amongst other things, the number of licensed pilots on the Atlantic side of Canada; total pilotage assignments; types of vessels boarded; and frequency of accidents. (8.3 MiB, PDF, 42 pages)

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Great Lakes Shipping by Joan Chadde (PowerPoint presentation as PDF)

'Great Lakes Shipping' provides an excellent overview of shipping in the chain of deep freshwater lakes in east-central North America (Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario). It was produced in 2007 by Joan Chadde of the Western U.P. Center for Science, Math & Environmental Education at the Michigan Technological University. Ms. Chadde makes use of photos, maps and graphs for a graphic, eye-catching presentation. (1.2 MiB, PDF, 41 pages) NOTE: This file is shared by Marine Café Blog only for educational and non-commercial use.

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