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Small Guide of Venice: Sites Not to Miss and Unconventional Ones

This small, 10-page guide from the La Porta d'Oriente hotel is a handy reference for those visiting Venice. It includes pointers on how visitors should conduct themselves; the main tourist sites to visit; a restaurant guide; and curiosities and legends about Venice. (2.5 MiB, PDF, 10 pages)

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Venice by Gustav Pauli

This is a must-read book for anyone who has fallen in love with the famed city. Published in 1904, Venice was written by Gustav Pauli (1866 – 1938), a German art historian who served as museum director of Kunsthalle Bremen and Kunsthalle Hamburg. Pauli starts off with a history of Venice and then zooms in on its rich heritage of architecture, sculpture and painting. Photos fill the pages to take the reader on a wonderful voyage through time. (14.6 MiB, PDF, 170 pages)

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National Geographic’s Guide to Photography: Travel Basics

This 15-page guide was put together by the photographers of National Geographic, which is known for its excellent photography. It provides useful information for the traveller who loves taking pictures or the amateur photographer who just wants to improve his skills. (File size: 4 MiB, PDF, 15 pages)

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