Early this February, I invited photographers on Facebook to submit their photographic artworks depicting the sea for a special Marine Café Blog feature. The idea was to show how one can use digital technology to extend the boundaries of the imagination and create memorable images. Here, in no particular order, are the most striking of the works submitted:

© Eleonora Bruscolini (Italy)

Eleonora Bruscolini depicts the might of the sea with a dramatic image reminiscent of the seascapes of the great Russian Romantic painter, Ivan Aivazovsky.

© Eugenie T Gonzalez (USA)

Using a relatively small amount of manipulation, Eugenie T Gonzalez has created two beautiful images that express her affinity to the sea.

© Paul Seymour (USA)

Paul Seymour has reduced his photograph of a boat tied to the dock to neon-like lines. The result is a picture that is both  enchanting and mysterious. 

© Eugene Rutter (Scotland)

Scottish old salt Eugene Ruttter’s sombre picture speaks volumes about the life of fishermen in his hometown of Fraserburgh.

© Alessandra Casini (Italy)

Italian photographic artist Alessandra Casini has made a powerful, primaeval seascape that calls to mind the Biblical story of God’s creation of the world. 

~ Barista Uno


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