“As from a heap of flowers many a garland is made, even so many good deeds should be done by one born a mortal,” says a verse from the ancient Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada. Well, another garland has been made by Filipino-owned International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI). One of its overseas subsidiaries, Madagascar International Container Terminal Services Ltd (MICTSL), was a major sponsor of the Madagascar Cycle Challenge held in June by Transaid, the international UK development charity.

The event saw some 30 cyclists from the transport and logistics industry pedaling for more than 450 kilometers across the island country in the Indian Ocean. As main sponsor, ICTSI donated an unspecified amount of money to support the cyclists and Transaid’s activities in Madagascar. Transaid is working to reduce child and maternal mortality rates in Madagascar by providing better transport solutions. “Flooding in remote parts of Madagascar,” says the charity group, “can leave communities cut off for up to 10 months of the year, with little or no access to transport.”

Participants in the Transaid Cycle Challenge with ICTSI-FI representatives in Madagascar International Container

Aside from supporting the Transaid Cycle Challenge, ICTSI has been doing other charitable work through the ICTSI Foundation Inc (ICTSI-FI). The Buddha himself would have smiled in approval. ~Barista Uno

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