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“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion,” Albert Einstein once said. He is absolutely right. Still, it strikes us that Marine Café Blog is six years old today. This is equal to 72 months or 2,191 days. The numbers, though, would be meaningless if not for one thing.

Since its launch on 25th August 2009, the blog has gained a worldwide readership that is significant not so much in terms of quantity as in quality. Today, our readers include senior maritime executives as well as ship officers, union leaders as well as academics and researchers. We know of one Vatican-based priest who follows the blog as do some academicians at a German university,

In six years, Marine Café Blog has not changed much. The blog recently went mobile-friendly, but it has kept to the same style and outlook as described in our original statement of editorial policy: “Coffee, in our opinion, should be served hot and have a full-bodied flavour and distinctive aroma. Marine Café Blog strives toward the same qualities in its editorial style and content.”

Not everyone, of course, likes strong coffee. We had a painful realisation of this when we first wrote in 2011 about what we controversially called “the Filipino seafarer factory.” But life is too short for decaf. We shall go on even as we find new ways to make the blog more interesting to our readers. ~Barista Uno

To all our readers and supporters, our heartfelt gratitude.


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