Somebody once said, half in jest and half seriously, that our middle name was Quixote. The remark just made us smile. What would Life be without idealists and dreamers? Here now is what we wish for in 2013, a sequel to our dreams-and-wishes list for 2011. Perhaps none of our wishes will be fulfilled, but we hope that they will serve as a reminder that the world of shipping can strive for loftier goals and transcend itself.

  • creation of a Global Piracy Victims Fund to help seafarer victims and their families cope with their ordeal financially and psychologically
  • broader recognition of the role of women in shipping; an end to all forms of gender discrimination and pay inequality in the maritime workplace
  • revision of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, to include anti-seafarer practices on shore (e.g., use of maritime cadets as unpaid flunkeys and errand boys in manning and union offices)
  • strict adherence to the principle that maritime safety should never be compromised in the name of efficiency or corporate profits
  • greater support from the international shipping community for seafarer welfare organisations and maritime humanitarian initiatives

Happy New Year to all our readers. Stay safe. ~Barista Uno

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