Updated on 14th March 2022 with revised descriptions for the pictures used.

Imagine Aesop, the supposed author of a collection of Greek fables, living in the 21st century and writing about various players in the shipping world. A maritime edition of Aesop’s fables! That should be quite entertaining to read. The following are some individuals who would be perfect for the cast of characters:

The Maritime Charity Worker

Wears heart, not on his or her sleeve, but on the chest to show the whole world that he or she cares deeply about seafarers. Loves to post selfies.

The Union Official

Likes doing the clenched fist salute and talking tough. This is meant to intimidate ship owners. Can be arrogant at times and is usually sensitive to any criticism.

The Maritime Bureaucrat

Moves sluggishly like the wheel of which he is just one cog. Give him an incentive in the form of you-know-what, and he can run as fast as the rabbit.


The EMSA¹ Inspector

Sniffs out defects in the maritime education and training systems of countries inside and outside the EU. Tends to nitpick and fail to see the wood for the trees, so to speak.

¹European Maritime Safety Agency

The Manning Agent

A living example of how human greed can have no bounds. Has no scruples about skimming money from seafarers’ remittances, but can boast being the recipient of awards.

The Maritime Reporters

Full of noise that often signifies nothing. Have the bad habit of stealing articles from other journalists and regurgitating them.

The Young Ship Officer

Sees himself as smart and puts on airs, but slavishly follows whatever a foreign senior officer says.


The Ship Master

Can be sympathetic and fatherly, but beware. He can get really angry and growl, especially when pissed off by stupid or disobedient crew.

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