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We often hear it said after a ship has been hijacked by pirates: ‘They were at the wrong place at the wrong time.’ Maybe so, but why look at piracy as a game of chance? Very often, the key to avoiding a piracy attack is to have the right information at the right time. Transas Marine aims to provide just that to the shipping industry by adding a Piracy Information Overlay (PIO) to the Transas FleetView Online SSAS-tracking software and Navi-Planner 4000 voyage planning software.

The piracy data, supplied by Bergen Risk Solutions, are based on intelligence from various authoritative sources. The information is displayed in different colours depending on the type of incident. Users can choose how far back in time piracy incidents should be shown so that old information can be filtred out. The automated PIO data service is updated every 24 hours. It’s not real-time but it should greatly help in planning avoidance measures when transiting a high risk area.


Transas’ FleetView Online Tracking with Piracy Information Overlay

To be sure, there are similar services available from other companies. But it’s reassuring to note that Transas, a leading marine IT solutions provider, has piracy pretty much in its mind. This modern-day scourge isn’t going away anytime soon, and every little solution counts. Why leave things to Fate? ~Barista Uno


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