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A bold & entertaining eBook

“Eye opening, and well written”

-Eugene Rutter, a reader from Scotland on
“Close Encounters in Maritime Manila”

An eBook strong like espresso

“Barista Uno serves up a strong cup o’ joe. He gives it to you straight!”

~Reid Sprague from the Foreword to

‘Maritime Double Shots’

Coffee through the lens of guest photographers

I recently invited photography enthusiasts to share their pictures for a special Marine Café Blog feature on coffee. It's a hectic holiday season. What better time to take a respite from the workaday maritime world? Of the nearly 50 photos submitted, six stood out...

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10 maverick quotes about Philippine manning

The world's ship manning capital has such a unique, albeit impaired, culture that it inspired me to publish my second e-book, 'Close Encounters in Maritime Manila', in April 2018. The following are brief excerpts from the volume. I hope this smattering of quotes will...

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