An eBook strong like espresso

“Barista Uno serves up a strong cup o’ joe. He gives it to you straight!”

~Reid Sprague from the Foreword to

‘Maritime Double Shots’

A bold & entertaining eBook

“Eye opening, and well written”

~Eugene Rutter, a reader from Scotland on
“Close Encounters in Maritime Manila”

Top 13 seascape photographs by Facebook users

I recently invited Facebook members to share their seascape photographs (a maximum of three per person) for this special Marine Café Blog feature. I should like to thank all those who answered my call despite there being no prize at stake. Choosing a dozen...

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Why I write about seamen’s rights

The shipping world is so rich and complex that no writer, if he is inquisitive enough, should want for something new to talk about. However, there is one theme I keep going back to aside from marine art: the rights and welfare of merchant sailors. In Manila's crewing...

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John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University

Close Encounters in Maritime Manila

This e-book is a first-hand account of life in the world’s ship manning capital.

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