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A bold & entertaining eBook

“Eye opening, and well written”

-Eugene Rutter, a reader from Scotland on
“Close Encounters in Maritime Manila”

An eBook strong like espresso

“Barista Uno serves up a strong cup o’ joe. He gives it to you straight!”

~Reid Sprague from the Foreword to

‘Maritime Double Shots’

Songs of the sea: a quartet of musical gems

Together with nautical art and literature, songs of the sea have been conspicuously neglected by the maritime press. But who would be surprised? The maritime establishment, to which journalists kowtow like worshippers in a temple, cares little for such things. It is a...

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10 maverick quotes about Philippine manning

The world's ship manning capital has such a unique, albeit impaired, culture that it inspired me to publish my second e-book, 'Close Encounters in Maritime Manila', in April 2018. The following are brief excerpts from the volume. I hope this smattering of quotes will...

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