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Close Encounters in Maritime Manila


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A first-hand account of life in the world’s ship manning capital by Barista Uno, a well-known blogger and maritime commentator. Rich in insights and factual information, it will take you on a journey through a maritime landscape peopled by interesting, hilarious and even strange characters.

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A great read for those who want to have a better understanding of:

  • The culture in Manila’s ship manning and training community
  • The various ways Filipino seamen and maritime cadets are screwed
  • How Ferdinand Marcos shaped the Philippine maritime landscape, including maritime education, and influenced Filipino social values
  • The factors that have influenced the character of Filipinos
  • How expatriates can better adapt to Filipino ways
  • Where the Philippines’ maritime industry is headed and the future of Filipino society

This book also offers a unique and compelling analysis of the legacy of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and other factors that have helped shape the character of the Filipino maritime community and the society at large. It is a daring social commentary that should give readers entertainment as well as food for thought.

Barista Uno is the pen name of a former shipping and ports journalist known to his fans worldwide as BU. He is based in Manila and is the man behind Marine Café Blog ( and the author of the 2017 e-book, “Maritime Double Shots”.


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Close Encounters in Maritime Manila
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Ardeshir on Close Encounters in Maritime Manila

Great book and fantastic literature. Well done. Cheers

 by Alvin Recto Lim on Close Encounters in Maritime Manila

This is a sizzling hot read. I was still half way reading but i was already in awe. Everything is 101 per cent pure, honest and in your face true

 by Camie Huelar on Close Encounters in Maritime Manila

I say, that was one of the best reads ever! I had fun reading and OMO!!! I can probably name all the personalities described in the book. That meeting with Capt. Gregorio Oca was something I can actually relive in my MIND as I know both of them, the writer and Capt Oca. Cap can indeed be intimidating but compassionate, and Barista Uno is soft spoken but equally intimidating as well when he starts grilling you . Two of my favorite people and of course it made me miss Capt. Oca.

 by Eugene Rutter on Close Encounters in Maritime Manila

Just finished reading it. Eye opening, and very well written.

 by Marge B on Close Encounters in Maritime Manila

I loved this book. Highly recommended!
Not only is it very informative, it also offers insightful and humorous stories that reflect society.

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