Maritime Double Shots


by Barista Uno

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This collection of aphorisms, epigrams and reflections by maritime writer and commentator Barista Uno casts a bold new light on 21st–century shipping and its many dimensions.

The passages were selected and edited by the man himself from hundreds of articles published from late 2009 to May 2017 in Marine Café Blog. They are grouped into 12 sections, from the people who work at sea and seamen’s rights to marine art and the environment.


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Strong and flavourful like espresso coffee

From his vantage point in Manila, Barista Uno offers candid glimpses of the national maritime scene and Filipino society in general. He comments on global maritime issues with equal sharpness and candour. Some examples:

“There are no rogue ships; there are only rogue shipowners.”

“The waterfront is larger than life. It is not only the huge ships and the huge machines that make it so. It is the vibrancy of commerce under a bright sun with the smell of salt water filling the air.”

“In the end, my main gripe against those pushing for gender–neutral language is that they can, and often do, go overboard. What the diehards amongst them really want is to erase the dichotomy between male and female. A dull, grey sea of humanity with no one gender or group standing out.”

A rare blend of candour and humanity

Reid Sprague, an American maritime consultant who wrote the Foreword, says of Barista Uno:

“One of BU’s distinguishing characteristics is his humanity. Read a bit of his writing, and you will discover a man whose knowledge of human nature — in all its glory and its folly —- throws an unusual light on the day–to–day workings of our industry.”

“He quotes poetry, discusses art, and analyzes semantics. He highlights the role of maritime history and art in building a modern maritime culture that promotes safety, professionalism, and pride. He scrutinizes convention and skewers the status quo. And he does it all with engaging honesty.”


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Maritime Double Shots
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Capt. Richard Teo

I have not yet been able to put your book down. And no doubt I will read it from cover to cover several more times for some of the messages to sink in. Thank you for a very beautiful brew.

 by Prof. Angelica Baylon

Interesting to read as it makes you think more and appreciate varied ideas and reflections. Your book is a product of a lot of reading and putting them all together to deliver a wonderful message.

 by Margarita

I loved it

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