Sea by moonlight: 14 paintings that will mesmerise you

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Maritime Art, Culture and History

The sea is captivating, the sea by moonlight even more so. It can mesmerise you. Alas, those who do not sail or live near the seashore may not have the opportunity to behold the beauty and grandeur of a moonlit seascape. For the delight of such unlucky souls, I am sharing the following paintings on the subject. I have not commented on the individual works as I usually do because words seem superfluous in this instance.

Marine View – Moonlight (after Grolig), circa 1845
Cornelius Krieghoff (Dutch, 1812–1872)

Moonlight on the Coast, 1882
Jules Tavernier (French, 1844–1889)

Fishing cutters in the moonlit night, 1888
Carl Locher (Danish, 1851–1951)

Isles of Shoals, Moonlight, 1890
Frederick Childe Hassam (American, 1859–1935)

The North Cape by Moonlight, 1848
Peder Balke (Norwegian, 1804–1887)

Maritime Landscape in Moonlight, 1888
Alfred Wahlberg (Swedish, 1834–1906)

Moonlit Seascape, 1891
Thomas Moran (American, 1837–1926)

In Peril, 1879
John Atkinson Grimshaw (English, 1836–1893)

Coastal scene with moonlight and a ship in rough sea off the pier, unknown date
Holger Drachmann (Danish, 1846–1908)

Moonlight Off the Coast of Grand Manon, unknown date
Carl Philip Weber (American, 1849–1921)

Moonlight, Wood Island Light, 1894
Winslow Homer (American, 1836–1910)

Mother and Child by the Sea, 1830
Johan Christian Dahl (Norwegian, 1788–1857)

After the Storm. The Moonrise, 1894
Ivan Aivazovsky (Russian, 1817–1900)

Beach Landscape in the Moonlight, unknown date
Alfred Wahlberg (Swedish, 1834–1906)

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