In 1650 Dutch Master Rembrandt paid tribute to the beauty of seashells in an etching (pictured above) titled “De schelp” (The shell). It is a remarkable piece depicting the charm and mystery of the conus marmoreus, commonly known as the marble cone. How can one not be fascinated by seashells after seeing it?

Call it seashell fever. I have become so infatuated with seashells that I decided recently to do a series of photographs on the subject. It’s a tribute to Nature’s artistic and engineering marvel. The first of my pictures (shown below) were all taken indoors with a mobile phone, under natural light conditions with no cropping and no post-processing.

I am not a professional photographer. Indeed, my knowledge of digital photography and photographic techniques is embarrassingly limited at present. Still, I hope that these pictures will touch readers of Marine Café Blog enough for them to appreciate seashells and their magical beauty.


interludio-seashell-2015Interlude (2015)


A jewel from the sea (2015)


tribu-de-neptuno-seashell-2015Neptune’s tribe (2015)


Cappuccino from the sea (2015)


It is not only their delightful shapes and stunning geometry that draw one to seashells. It is their power to kindle the imagination. Looking at seashells calls forth tales from the deep — of Odysseus and the Sirens, Captain Ahab and Moby-Dick — and the tapestry of real loves and real tragedies that has unfolded over the centuries as humans try to come to terms with the sea. ~Barista Uno


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